Newbury Fire Rescue




1. Rental fees

a. Up to 4 hours - $275

b. 4 to 8 hours - $500

c. 8 or more hours - $750

d. 10 or more meetings a year - $75.00 per meeting

2. Deposit

a. $100.00 security deposit will be required prior to the event, the deposit will count towards your total price.

3. Alcohol Fees

a. $50.00 for the event liquor license.

b. $50.00 per bartender, 1 serves 50 people, 2 serves 100, etc.

4. Set Up

a. Set up is the responsibility of the renter.

b. There will be no tape or tacks used to put items on the walls.

5. Clean-up is the responsibility of the renter.

a. Tables and chairs will be returned to the carts neatly.

b. Floor will be swept.

c. Trash will be taken out to the dumpster.

6. Close up

a. All appliances (coffee maker, oven, PA ect.) turned off.

b. Lights off, door locked.

7. Payment

a. Payment is due in Full at the beginning of the event. The payment should either be given to the bartender, or left in the payment box.