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History of the Newbury Fire Department Protection Company #2

On January 24th 1942 a non-profit corporation named Protection Fire Company #2 was formed. The purpose of the corporation was to engage in the business of fire protection and fire prevention to assist the inhabitants of the town of Newbury in any emergency that might arise. The original piece of equipment was an old Ford chassis that was built up into a fire truck. On March 9th 1942 the truck was put into service, and shortly after answered it's first call that was known as the Georgetown Construction Company at the traffic circle.

In 1944 a station was built on Graham Avenue, where an 1947 Chevy Pumper was housed, with this addition of this new piece of equipment enhanced the capabilities of the fire department's organization. This truck was also used at the Salisbury Beach fire that destroyed 35 cottages that year. In June of 1949 a government half-track was purchased and was converted into a fire fighting piece of equipment, this truck was extremely versatile both on and off the road serving the town of Newbury and surrounding towns. Improvements occurred over the years for the fire department with a new red phone system installed and an addition of a 1600 gallon tanker in 1955. In 1957 and 1958 two way radios and a new emergency truck was purchased with a front mounted pump that was added to the tanker in 1961.

In 1967 the Newbury Fire Department moved to build a new fire station on Morgan Avenue. The fire department shortly after the new building was built purchased a new Chevrolet Howe Pumper, at this time this truck was one of the largest pumper in the area with a pumping capacity of 1000 GPM and carrying 1000 gallons of water and had 2000 feet of 2 1/2 hose line on it, this pumper was the pride and joy of the fleet. This piece of equipment greatly enhanced the fire fighting capabilities of the department. The following year the town purchased a generator which was mounted on a trailer that they had acquired from the U.S. Coast Guard station at the plum island station as surplus, this gave the company a portable lighting unit for the fire department.

On January 1st 1969 exactly 27 years from the day of the first meeting that was held to form the Newbury Fire Department Protection Company #2 bought a 1947 Peter Pirsch 65 foot aerial ladder, this gave the fire company a well rounded fleet of equipment to respond to every imaginable type of emergency call. Today in 2014 the Newbury Fire Department Protection Company #2 still runs as a non-profit 501 (c) 3 and still owns all their own fire trucks and fire equipment as well as their fire station with a minimal budget from the town saving the taxpayers of the Town of Newbury valuable tax dollars. The Newbury Fire Department would like to thank the towns people for all the support throughout the year!

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